Thursday, August 16, 2007

Polishing Poo

This is not going to be the sort of inspiring 'I salvaged this door from the den of a wizened hermit, wrestling bears and mountain lions along the way; then I stripped it with 10 kinds of strippers (all reviewed here for your convenience), sanded and stained it back to its old luster and fitted it with the knobs I salvaged from another wizened hermit' story you usually find in houseblogs.

No. This is an ugly door. It probably cost $15. You can reach underneath it and stick your hand up the bottom and into the door. Seriously. I've encountered hollow doors before, but never ones quite like this, which doesn't even bother with a piece of...whatever it's made of...across the bottom.

At some point in the future, we are going to replace the cheap!doors with real doors that you can't accidentally kick holes in. (I suspect there will be some not-so-accidental holes in these when that day comes.) But at this point, we have other, more expensive priorities that do not involve trimming, hanging, and possibly reframing doors. The current doors fulfill their function of opening and closing (...mostly), so for now they stay, even if they are festering eyesores. But...they are so, so festering. And I have to look at them.

In particular, I have to look at this one:

when I get up in the morning. (Yes, I tried cleaning it when we moved in. Really.)

After slapping a coat of white paint on the bathroom door (which is directly across from the bed; oh, the horror) the other week, I realized that it does make a big enough difference in the room that it isn't actually a waste of time to paint something we're going to get rid of eventually anyway.

So after putting another coat of paint on the window frame today, I decided to use the rest of the paint in the tray to put a coat on the door. I didn't bother cleaning it first (blasphemy) because I learned from the previous attempt that it's not possible.

First coat in progress (ooh, contrast):

First coat drying:

Better, yes? (Ignore the frame.)

The window:

A picture of its previous incarnation is in this post.

And here's a picture of our crepe myrtle in bloom to make up for all those ugly door pictures:


Jayne said...

I feel your pain. My house has truly hideous doors as well. Actually, they're probably the original 1885 doors, but a sucky PO sawed them in half lengthwise to make cutesy French doors. I feel a post of my own coming on...

Suileeka said...


oh. wince. That sounds like the epitome of awfulness...

the reluctant remodeler said...

Have you tried those "magic sponges"? I had tons of marks like yours on my walls, doors, ceiling, etc., that wouldn't clean off. I was dubious at first, but bought a package when everyone swore by them. They work really well on scuffs, crayon, pencil, marker, weird grape-juice-like splotches, etc. left by slobby POs.


Suileeka said...


Yep. Magic Sponges are usually the first thing I try! I think these doors somehow *absorb* dirt...