Friday, November 16, 2007


Some festering toerag stole our ladder!

The sad part -- well, other than being robbed by filthy thieves, of course -- is that we don't know when, because we can't remember when last we saw it. This, despite walking past it every day for the past month or so in order to use the front door. Rrgh.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Smashy Smashy - A Pictorial Journey of Destruction

Up to the minute updates! ...are not the case on this blog. So, it's been quite a while since the last post. I started this one on 10/11, hoping for the inspiration to make it a bit more detailed...but that hasn't happened.

Since our last update, we've demolished both of the previous owner's additions, successfully hung some curtains, and had a near disaster with our furnace. More about the latter two later. In the meantime, here is the skeleton of yon ancient post:

Two weekends ago A while ago, M's father came over from Merry Olde England to help us demolish the PO's leaktastic additions. Thanks to my back acting up, I wasn't much help, but they and A got a lot done in a short time.

Here's the back addition -- the 17x10 "family room" -- before the destruction. The thing that kills me is that the windows they installed (or, more accurately, built around) in there were the only really nice windows in the entire house.

A shot of the inside, after the wall panels came off. They painted the stucco green before they put the wall up. Only Satan knows why.

After pulling some of the insulation out of the walls, we discovered where all the ants that would occasionally invade our kitchen were coming from...

Our poor, poor roof:

Nearly there...

A little push, and the wall falls down!

Fare thee well, ye spider-ridden, below-grade, flooded, duct-taped, stinky room o' filth!

...Well. Not quite. Most of it's still in a pile in our backyard.