Sunday, August 19, 2007

Got Pumpkins?

The secret is that I really have a fondness for junk, especially nostalgic junk. I like antique and secondhand shops. I like yard sales.

And I like our attic. Thus the reason I continue to post pictures of The Stuff that comes out of it. Here are a couple other items M and A dragged down today:

The ship paintings look much better in the photo... in person, the black lines are this odd, ropy, licorice like material. The doll has clearly seen better days...her hands and head have fallen off; the arms appear to have been repaired with tape at some point.

Speaking of POs and their crap, our neighbor reported to M that he ran into the POs somewhere. Who told him that they 'left the place in great shape'. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, and in case anyone reading this isn't already cynical about taking advice from the folks staffing Home Depot, let me inform you that one of our POs now works there. Think about that.


Jenn said...

Score! Halloween stuffs!

The paintings do look much better in the photo then... hm. I was thinking they didn't look bad. Anything that could be fixed?

Suileeka said...

They're crappy Halloween stuffs. :/ I kept a black and orange garland with plastic pumpkins hanging from it, and one of the porcelain decorations, but everything else sucked. Target has nifty Halloween decor for sale again this year...too bad they couldn't have left behind anything like that.

I don't know if the paintings can be fixed. Possibly, if the black gunky stuff could be scraped off and the lines repainted. I assume the idea behind it was to make the rigging of the ships tangibly 'ropey', but it looks more like shoestring licorice than rigging. (I did stash them back up in the attic, because I secretly like them from a distance.)