Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When It Rains In Dreadville

Looks like that whole moving-in, buying paint, and thinking we could wait a year or so before demolishing the PO's additions and replacing the near-the-end-of-its-lifespan roof thing was foolishly optimistic. This will mostly be a photo post because I'm too effing depressed and full of hatred for the POs and this squat, ugly, borked up house to bother writing much.

Addition #1 (PO's Foyer/Mudroom/2nd TV Room):

Addition #2 (PO's Family Room/Dog Room/3rd TV Room):

How PO butchered roof in order to build Addition #1:

Our dining room ceiling, leaking and bubbling (maybe more water is reaching it since we removed stuff in the attic?):

Just for fun, our flooded road (that nice-looking front lawn belongs to our neighbor, not us):


Muskego Jeff said...

Pour a bunch of dishwashing soap on the roof and let the rain wash your house inside and out! :)

"Captain Obvious" says fix the roof and drainage before renovating interior spaces which would otherwise get wet.

Them Country Folk: said...

Hi! Wow, you've done a lot on your home. Hang in there! I am laughing at your POs. Perhaps they are related to my POs? The ones who decided to paint our entire house brown? With brown carpet? With brown trim? With brown laminate? With brown accents? And they too left us a fridge with scary stuff inside. My mother-in-law took pity on me and took care of that, for which I will be forever grateful.