Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm no expert, but...

...I suspect that the way the POs converted the bath into a shower is not the correct way to do it. Destruction is usually pretty satisfying, so I decided to take on the task of dismantling their handiwork this week.

Here's the bathroom as photographed by M when he toured the house for the first time:

(No, I don't know why they had shower doors and a shower curtain up.) I took the shower doors out weeks ago to open the space up a bit.

After I took the doors out, I was able to examine the shower more closely and thus learn How Not To Build A Shower:

  • Screw strips of wood into walls over existing wallpaper. Don't bother sealing that or anything else against moisture.

  • Nail unevenly cut pieces of tileboard to top two feet of wood, disregarding instructions on back of said tileboard telling you explicitly not to do any such thing.

  • Glue unevenly cut pieces of hard plastic sheeting to the rest of the wood and to the existing tile below. The more glue the better.

  • Caulk? What's that?

  • Nail pieces of wooden molding up around shower edges so as to hide uneven edges and hold shower doors in place.

Fortunately(?), the examination also showed that what was visible of the original tile seemed to be intact. And indeed, after pulling down the plastic, all of the tile except for an area that appears to have once had a built-in soap dish is intact. I consider it a dubious fortune because it's all a hideous, repellent shade of pink. I suspect that the bathroom at one time had a matching pink sink and toilet to go with the pink floor, walls and tub.

21 pieces of wood, 52 screws, and one bandage later (helpful hint: if you think you should be wearing work gloves but are too lazy to find them, find them anyway)...

...destruction phase 1 was complete.

Now to scrape off all that glue and wallpaper backing...


Muskego Jeff said...

It's funny how it looks better part-way through demolition than it did before you started. Are you installing a new liner or going down to the studs and re-doing the whole thing?

Suileeka said...

Eventually we'd like to re-do the entire bathroom and possibly enlargen it, but it's not very high on the priority list right now - other than being ugly, there isn't anything wrong with it.

We have another shower, so for now we're just going to convert this back into a bath (the POs never repaired the holes they made in the bedroom closet wall to convert the plumbing, so it isn't exactly hard to access the pipes) and come up with some way to make the pink less offensive (I hope).

Fargo 1928 said...

Don't you just love PO's? Did they all go through the same idiot training or something? My PO has another house next door that is an apartment conversion, and he is on the porch roof right now working on botching some job. It's taking all of my strength to not run up that ladder and shove him off!

And yes, I have two improperly constructed bathrooms.