Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Roof: Day 2, Part 3

10:30: The back seam doesn't look good either.

This was also not a surprise, it matches up with the water damage in the kitchen ceiling.

10:35: So off comes more boarding.

The facia piece is also damaged, but it's not structurally significant and will dry out once the rest is repaired.

11:09: With the board on the front replaced, it doesn't take long to get the underlay on.

The ice protection goes up the valley too.

11:43: Marking off the hole for the larger of the two sunpipes.

This pipe was the most problematic item of the whole process. The larger pipe only just fit between the roof beams (14.5 inch clearence, 14 inch tube), and the instructions were just complex and unclear enough to confuse the roofers.

1:06pm: Shiny domes for the sunpipes waiting for the roofers to finish their lunch.
As they arrived about 15 minutes after I got up, that was fine with me.

1:09: The new shingles start going on the roof.

The edges are the tricky bit, once they had the overlap right they were very quick.

1:23: Fourteen minutes later, one guy has done about half of that face of the roof.

1:23: and the foreman has done over a third of the front slope whilst still keeping the rest busy.

1:26: The far side is coming along, and you can see the hole for the bathroom sunpipe.

1:59: In goes the dome for the bathroom.

2:05: The back slope is almost completed.

3:33: The front is almost done, except for the recalrant dome.

The guys at the top of the valley are putting in the last of tiles on the new ridge vent on that side. The guy on the ground was obviously the lowest in the heirarchy - he spent the entire day cleaning up the old roofing material and moving it to the skip.

4:27: All done, just cleaning up.

Early morning some time later, the final results:

... and the new roof makes the back look even worse. Once it's warmer painting that is high on the list of things to do.

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demelza said...

Congratulations on your new roof! Believe me, you will sleep easier - and drier - now that's it's done. Love your blog. So glad to see the new post.