Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Roof: Day 2, Part 1

7:48 am, waiting for the roofers to arrive, you can see the mess of the old roof in front of the piles of tiles on the roof.

8:03 am, unloading tools as the sun comes up and melts the frost on the ground, and more importantly, the roof.

8:13 am, and it's already getting difficult to get outside the front door.

"Oh my god! It's full of stars!"

(actually that's the underside of the roof, with all the little nail holes, not a giant obelisk orbiting Jupiter).

8:18, stripping off the roof, the sun is just getting above the treeline

8:21, the sunpipe domes sitting on top of their boxes:

Why are these out in the back yard when it's going to be hours before they are ready for them? Because the garage door was rapidly disappearing behind the pile of roofing tiles.

8:39: The front side of the roof is almost clear and they are starting on the back.

9:17: As they started on the back, I climbed up the mound outside the front door to survey the damage to the roof. Can you spot where the leak was?

About a third of the way up the roof, near the top of this image, there's a triangular day spot. That's not a shadow, that's a hole. One of the roofers but the scraper blade through the roof it was that rotten.

9:18: The mound I was standing on to take the previous shot. You could just about get in the front door.

9:18: The front of the house

9:19: The back side is completely clear

9:20: Just part of the far side to go


Jessy said...

I'm so jealous. I wanted sun tubes, but they were sadly out of our budget.

M said...

They weren't that expensive to add, at least when they were doing the rest of the roof.

$250 for the 10" tube (for the bathroom)
$350 for the 14" tube
$150 additional for putting both domes in.

Now we still have to put the interior parts in. That's waiting until it's warmer before I put holes in the ceiling. In the mean time the attic is very bright.

That's using SolarTube, which seem to be the best. Certainly their piping is a lot more reflective (and thus better at getting the light to you) than the others I looked at.