Monday, December 17, 2007


Some relatively good news, for once. When I was in the kitchen last night, mixing up some bath salts, I heard a hissing noise and noticed dripping water coming from beneath the cabinet where the leak was...the inside of the cabinet was also wet, indicating that the leak might have nothing to do with the heating system, but rather with the water lines going between the sink and dishwasher.

M checked it out today (with minimal dismantling of our counters and cabinets) and tightened a few connections...and the leak appears to have stopped!

We had some minor annoyance when we drove around later to look at roofs - the roofers gave us the addresses of other houses they'd done so we could look at roof colors - and we ended up in several more post-war planned developments wherein all the street names begin with the same letter. Last time we went out we were in the "R" neighborhood; today we ended up in "Q" and "C".

The annoyance entered in when we discovered that not only did the streets begin with the same letter; some of them had the same danged name. So we were looking for two houses on Crystal Place, but we actually ended upon Crystal Drive, looking at the wrong houses (both streets had the same numbering system!). It ended up being too dark after that to see what the roofs on Crystal PLACE looked like.

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