Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm not entirely sure about how the glass is frosted, but this looks very close to what I want for the bathroom. I do wish they provided a side view - I'm concerned about the '10.5" Ext.' measurement, which I presume is how far it sticks out from the wall. Seems a bit much...

(Light is the Astoria by Quoizel. Yes, I removed the link to a particular retailer that I originally posted, as I found the same exact light elsewhere - several elsewheres - for half the price. The extreme nature of the mark-up at the first site is unfathomable to me.)

I told my grandmother about the pink fixtures last night, and I believe she is the only person who is actually thrilled about the idea in a non-perverse way. I shall have to do her proud.

Now to find a vanity/mirror...

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