Sunday, August 5, 2007

Foiled Again!

What's wrong with this picture?

Yup, another curtain disappointment. I don't believe I wrote about the first case -- about a month ago, I ordered a pair of 36" curtains from Target, only to discover that this measurement was actually the average of a set wherein one curtain was 35" and the other 37" rather than any indicator of the curtains each being, say, 36".

So, back they went to Target, leaving me to once again hunt for curtains that come in a wide enough size range that I can get matching curtains for the two very differently sized windows in the master bedroom.

I found what I was looking for at BrylaneHome, where they had grommet cotton panels in a wide range of lengths. The smaller two panels arrived this week (other set is on backorder); I immediately unwrapped one of them and showed it gleefully to A (who was here scraping floors and walls) and crowed about finally having even, matching curtains...before I took the second one out of the package. Ah, the folly of hubris -- as you can see, I learned tonight that, despite both packages being labeled 52"x30", one curtain is, in fact, 52"x34".



Muskego Jeff said...

That's nice of the second company, giving you more than you paid for. :)

Them Country Folk: said...

Oh that's classic. They'll look great though. I like them a lot.

Suileeka said...

I think they'll look good, too. But now I'm torn..I think I actually like the 'wrong' size better!

the reluctant remodeler said...

Motherfuckers. I tried to avoid that situation by "hemming" the curtains I bought at Ikea myself. Believe me, unless you like to sew, keep trying at the store. :)