Friday, June 15, 2007

We moved Storm and the rest of the stuff from the apartment in last night. Mostly plants, cat accoutrements, and cleaning items.

She seems to be adjusting well -- exploring all the rooms, jumping in the windows, and being frustrated about the high window in the bedroom that she can't reach (the sill is too small for her, anyway).


The screens in the living room windows are not cat proof... I tested them by pushing on them and one of them fell right out of the window into the rosebush. They're some sort of new fiberglass and plastic screens that don't have proper locks. While I hate wrestling with old metal screens, they, at least, do not fall out of windows with a little nudge. ...You know, there aren't even any storm windows on these things, so maybe you're not meant to wrestle with the screens to begin with. I bet the rain doesn't sound the same on them.

We still have to move Spook and my furniture from E-town...eventually.

Next on the task list is getting both my room and M's room (we have three bedrooms - we've each claimed one of the extras as 'personal space') done (to the extent that they can be 'done' with no floors) so that we can move stuff into those rooms in order to complete the living room and master bedroom.

My room only needs a few things. I need to finish scrubbing the old wallpaper glue out of the closet so I can prime and paint it, fix the holes M and I made in the drywall (one of the few odd spots of it) when trying to get a wood shelf-ish thing off the closet wall (of course, this involves actually getting the wood things off the walls), and painting the trim. I don't think I'll worry about the trim for now. Spook's going to stay in there for a bit, so I need to get the screen repaired in one window and obtain a screen for the other (if possible). I also need a new cat tree so that she can actually reach the windows. She will climb the wall, or attempt to, if she can't get to them.

M's room needs more work. The windows in there are moldier, the concrete still has carpet glue all over it, the walls still have a few bits of paint to be scraped and there are a lot of holes to fill. There's also the issue of the corroded heat pipe (baseboard hot water heat)...

This weekend is the toilet project. Yay.

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