Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stupid People Tricks

Don't do this:
  • Get stung by wasp that's crawled into cleaning rags because you left the back door open in order to air out sewer odor eminating from laundry drain. (M)
  • Spill globs of spackling on sheets and pillowcase while patching gash in bedroom ceiling while you do not have a working washing machine and all your extra sheets are being used as floors. (Me)
  • Wait a week before emptying a wet/dry shop-vac that you have used to suck up soap-dirt-water-pure filth from floors. For future reference, doing this is probably the easiest way to get eau de pig farm without the pigs. And yes, I know what pig farms smell like, having spent two summers of my youth on one. I quite like pigs. I quite dislike the smell of pig lagoons wafting through warm, foggy morning air. (Me)
Belongings of POs currently sitting at curb:
  • Training toilet
  • Red beanbag chair
  • Cat litter (they got rid of their cat a year previous to selling the house, according to the neighbor - the tub of unused cat litter is, at least, less disturbing than the litterbox full of dirty litter and poo that they also left behind)
  • Box o'knives (I doubt the wisdom of leaving this at the curb, myself)
  • Charcoal (we put the grill out previously and it was taken within an hour)
  • Treadmill, minus control panel (that went in the dumpster long ago) Taken!
  • Cat carrier Taken!

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